Pay-as-you-go Workers Compensation

Finally, relief for the workers' comp headache!

Workers' comp can be a pain. With our pay-as-you-go workers' comp product you can have premiums deducted automatically at each regular pay period. There is no premium down payment and you pay exactly what you owe based on actual payroll figures. No more and no less means less risk of additional premiums due at year-end.

Think of it as aspirin.

Payroll Deduct Workers' Compensation Insurance

  • No premium down payment
  • Improved cash flow
  • No checks to write
  • No invoices
  • Automatic payments through payroll deduction
  • Minimize year-end audit surprises/adjustments
  • Full-service insurance agency support for certificates of insurance, claims, account changes, etc.
  • Only A.M. Best rated "A" carriers

How do I get started?

Contact a Choicepay representative and we will help you get started. Or use our convenient online contact form.


What They're Saying

Mark has been my CPA since 1996. When he finally opened Choice Payroll Inc., my payroll started getting done faster, and I save at least 10% over national fees. But what I appreciate most is that, as a client, I can call Jane and Mark for business advice and they never send me an invoice for a 10 minute conversation. - Justin Lang, owner of Chemsource in Kernersville