ChoicePay XPress - Business Accounting Solution

It's online and AMAZING!

Calculate wages, pay your employees and stay in compliance with the changing regulations and payroll taxes.


30 Seconds and You're Done!
Enter. Review. Approve. Paying your employees and filing your payroll taxes are done in 30 seconds and you have access to everything you'll need through your secure Account. You can quickly process your small business payroll, view reports, edit employee information, access our online help library and training videos or contact customer service through email, phone or online chat. We are here to help.


1 Step Process
Our online payroll service automatically calculates, files and pays the federal, state and local payroll taxes for your small business. At year-end, we post your W-2s and 1099s online in a secure encrypted portal. You will be able to review and approve before they are final! If employees lose their W-2s and need more copies, you can simply print new ones.


Direct Deposit, Print Checks Yourself, or We Print Your Checks and Deliver them next Day.
You have the option to either pay your employees via direct deposit, print checks at your home or office or we can print the checks for you and deliver them the next day.. You can use one or a combination of payment options, depending on your employee needs.


Smartphone and Tablet enabled
With Internet access you can run your small business payroll, access reports and more right from your computer, tablet or smartphone. Our free convenient mobile payroll and paycheck apps for both Android™ and Apple® mobile devices make it even easier! You can run payroll from anywhere, your kid's soccer practice, at a continuing education class, the grocery store or that well-deserved vacation spot!


What They're Saying

Mark has been my CPA since 1996. When he finally opened Choice Payroll Inc., my payroll started getting done faster, and I save at least 10% over national fees. But what I appreciate most is that, as a client, I can call Jane and Mark for business advice and they never send me an invoice for a 10 minute conversation. - Justin Lang, owner of Chemsource in Kernersville