What's in it for Me?

Improved Accuracy

ChoicePay allows you to not only see actual gross to net totals, but you can view any payroll report you need (like GL or labor distribution) prior to submitting payroll. That enables you to eliminate payroll errors completely.

Electronic Report Distribution

You don't have to make multiple copies of several payroll reports and hand deliver them to partners throughout you firm or Company. ChoicePay's system will electronically distribute any report to anyone automatically and securely.

Flexible Input Methods

ChoicePay's system allows you to input data in simple grids or comprehensive detail screens, as well as import files from Excel and my existing time & attendance system. You can choose any method. Email, fax, call, direct input, excel uploads, whatever fits best for your particular situation.

Employee Self-Service (ESS)

No more archaically hand-stuffing checks into envelopes. With ChoicePay, the paystubs are electronically delivered to employees via their Employee Self-Service secure online portal. ESS also enables employees to answer many of their own payroll and HR questions, which greatly reduces the number of calls receive by HR or management.

Easy to Use and Easy to Learn

Because the system is so easy, it can be learned in just a matter of hours. Our trainers are patient and knowledgeable; it actually makes learning the software fun. That sure beats trying to navigate the user manual of other old systems.

Less work and worry

ChoicePay does the following for you, on time and 100% accurately

  • Payroll calculations
  • Filing of compliance forms
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Complete monthly, Quarterly, and Year end compliance
  • Direct deposit
  • Tax payments
  • Garnishments
  • Multi state filling


What They're Saying

We started using Choice Payroll Inc. in 2009 and it has been one of the best upgrades we ever made at the Fire Department. And when we need a document, ChoicePay can always get it to us the same day or within 24 hours. I tell people, you know you have the right payroll company when you have ChoicePay. - Tina Fulp, office manager of the Walkertown Fire Department

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