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ChoicePay Solves Your Payroll Problems!

Choice Payroll Inc. (ChoicePay) was started from the idea that small and medium sized businesses needed a payroll service they could rely on, trust and afford just as much as any large business. Founded and headquartered in Kernersville, North Carolina in 2002, ChoicePay has the resources and technology to provide any payroll solution. Regardless of whether you have 1, 10, 50 or 1000 employees, we have a solution. We provide solutions for our clients that fit their needs, not just our needs. The key to our company's success is the quality of people that make up our company. We maintain higher standards by creating a fun and stimulating work environment. This enables us to provide you with a customer service experience that is unrivaled in our industry. Learn more about ChoicePay»

Time & Attendance

Choicepay's Time and Labor management solutions improve productivity & automate data collection, employee scheduling, and labor resource management. Streamline how you capture & manage employee hours!

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What's in it for Me?

We understand that payroll and HR decisions affect many departments. We have made it easy for you to find out why ChoicePay is the best choice for you specifically.

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Client Resources

Find forms, procedures, instructions, and training videos all in one place. This is your all in one solution and information center that will make your payroll effortless..

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Other Services

New Hire reporting has become mandatory, to help monitor child support payment collection. Let Choicepay ensure that you are always compliant by processing your New Hire Reporting for you.

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